TV Mounting & Calibration

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TV Mounting & Calibration
Service overview
Capital Smart Home + Theater of Northern California specializes in integrating your television into the unique style of your home. Flat panel TVs are not meant for the old traditional stands. Our professionals will bring experience and knowledge, and work with you to design a convenient and elegant place to view your LED or LCD HDTV. Whether it is by mounting your TV on the wall, above the fireplace, or even motorized down from the ceiling, Capital Smart Home will help you find the best solution. You paid a lot for your new TV and you need it professionally installed to insure a neat, tidy finish, give you peace of mind and save you time and trouble. With nearly 15 years of experience you can count us!
Basic TV Installtion

Basic installation is the simplest TV Mounting service that Capital Smart Home offers and also the most cost effective. All the wires are neatly placed in the cord cover right under the TV instead of inside the wall. Our basic TV installation consists of mounting a TV and neatly organizing wires with option of hiding the wires within a plastic cord cover. That’s for most TV’s up to 85″ and up to 50lbs on normal walls, except over a fireplace.


Custom TV Mounting services range from unique TV installs that hide wires in walls, or use specialty mounts – to programming your universal remote properly.

We offer a complete professional installation service to make setting up your own personal home theater a breeze. Some of these services include: TV wall mounting, speaker wiring and installation, projector installation, and more! All of our audio and TV services are performed by experts with years of experience in the industry.


You purchase a TV that looks great in the store, but when you get home and set it up (or have it set-up for you by a mass market retailer), the picture looks mediocre at best? If so, your home entertainment system is in desperate need of calibration! Calibration is an often overlooked service that requires patience, knowledge, and dedication. Quite simply, there is no other way to get your system to “sing” and come alive.

The difference between a calibrated home entertainment system and an un-calibrated one is dramatic, and should be experienced first-hand to be believed. When we show you the difference, you’ll realize you’re valuable money spent on un-calibrated video and audio components is largely wasted.

Capital Smart Home + Theater brings a serious commitment to the science of home entertainment system calibration. Whether you want us to set up your 4K HDR Television to look its best for game day, or a detailed acoustical analysis for your home theater system, we make it happen so that your home entertainment system is delivering all the pleasure and all the excitement you deserve.


The best angle to mount or place any Television is at viewing level. This varies from person to person and how your space is setup.

One of the most common places TV’s are mounted is above a fireplace. While these can be aesthetically pleasing to look at, they can cause neck pain for some when having to look up at such a high angle. To combat this, we offer mounts which moves your television down lower to a more viewable level when watching TV and back above the fireplace when not in use.

In store, you’re probably looking at a high definition feed (good) that has been split to display on multiple screens (bad). And often times, floor stock will have their picture settings cranked up to artificially high levels to stand out in the usually poor artificial lighting conditions in the store. This is what makes Calibration one of the most important steps in your television installation.

Our Basic TV Installation starts at $125 + product, which is discussed and agreed upon before any work is started.