Outdoor Entertainment

Outdoor entertaining is more popular than ever and recent advances in weather-resistant audio and video technologies offer greater possibilities for bringing home entertainment outside of the home. Whether you want to watch the baseball game while grilling, or simply want to enjoy music and movies poolside with guests, Barrett’s Technology Solutions can create the perfect outdoor entertainme
Outdoor Entertainment
Weather-resistant technology enables a superior entertaining space

Placing a pair of weather-resistant speakers on the patio is the most basic way to provide outdoor entertainment, but, for a far better, smooth audio experience across larger spaces, several sets of speakers can be strategically installed. Enjoy the same access to digital music and movies saved in the home network via a touchscreen, smartphone or networked tablet.

Don’t stop with just music. Capital Smart Home + Theater carries an array of award-winning weather-proof flat panel displays, delivering the highest quality imaging, so you can enjoy TV, movies or streaming video content in the rain or shine. Better yet, high performing weather-proof flat panels are designed to provide a high quality picture even in direct sunlight and while fighting the elements.

So you have sound and video outdoors, now how do you control it? That’s where CSH’s home networking and automation systems come in. The speakers, video display and components can all be controlled via a wireless remote control or even more conveniently through your smartphone, tablet or favorite mobile device – all of which empowers you with complete management of your outdoor home entertainment system from anywhere.

Custom Programming Completes the Experience

Custom programming makes your life simpler and your home safer by creating triggers for the electronics in your home. Lights can turn on or off based on your daily routine, the time of day, climate, or other events. If the fire alarm goes off, the exterior lights start to flash so emergency personnel can easily identify your home. 

Custom programming is the key to making your Savant, Control4 and Crestron home automation system work best for you. The process starts with a discovery meeting so we can learn about your lifestyle, how you use your home, and the technology features most important to you. Then we can design your unique system and make sure it is properly programmed to meet these needs, and finally, give you the power to access and control your smart home using wireless or wall mounted touch panels, keypads, or any number of personal devices including your favorite smartphones and tablets.

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