Automation and Smart Technology

Home technology is designed to make life at home easier. Integrated home automation and smart home technology does just that by enabling you to access and control the electronics in your home; making life at home simpler, more safe, and fun, while saving costly energy and valuable time.
Automation and Smart Technology
Complete home control that grows with you
At Capital Smart Home + Theater we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach; home automation should be tailored to your needs, budget, and lifestyle. A true home automation system is one that can start small but also has the ability to scale and evolve over time, granting you complete whole-house automation and control. Whether you’re looking for a simple dedicated media room or home theater design, or are interested in full scale wireless lighting control, security, and energy management, CSH is here to help you discover the meaning of true home automation with solutions from today’s premier automation manufactures including: Savant, Control4 and Crestron.
  • A “Party” button which can be activated from your favorite mobile device and set the perfect dinner party ambiance; lowers the shades, adjusts your patio lighting, streams your favorite playlist.
  • A single remote touch or swipe of a finger that controls your entire entertainment system; easily flip through your digital content collection and dim the lights.
  • A “Goodnight” scene that automatically locks the doors, arms your security system, and illuminates your hallways with a gentle, safe glow.

Capital Smart Home + Theater brings more than 15 years of experience designing and installing home automation systems that work both independently and together. Multi-room audio and video, lighting control, heating and cooling systems, pool and spa control, as well as security systems, intercoms, and gate control can all be integrated into a single smart home system that is simple to use and provides peace of mind. Better yet, this one-touch access and control of your home entertainment and smart home features makes life a lot simpler, safer, and more fun, while also conserving energy.

Custom Programming Completes the Experience

Custom programming makes your life simpler and your home safer by creating triggers for the electronics in your home. Lights can turn on or off based on your daily routine, the time of day, climate, or other events. If the fire alarm goes off, the exterior lights start to flash so emergency personnel can easily identify your home. 

Custom programming is the key to making your Savant, Control4 and Crestron home automation system work best for you. The process starts with a discovery meeting so we can learn about your lifestyle, how you use your home, and the technology features most important to you. Then we can design your unique system and make sure it is properly programmed to meet these needs, and finally, give you the power to access and control your smart home using wireless or wall mounted touch panels, keypads, or any number of personal devices including your favorite smartphones and tablets.

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